The White Mountain Association of REALTORS® covers a jurisdictional area encompassing all of Northeastern Arizona; Navajo and Apache Counties. This area covers such a vast geographical range, the landscape varies from the lush greenery of one of the oldest and most beautiful Ponderosa Pine forests, numerous lakes, and even one ski resort to the colorful views of the Mogollon Rim and the Painted Desert.

Arizona White Mountains

Arizona’s piece of heaven is how many describe the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. The highest summit being Mount Baldy is just over 11,000 feet. Much of the White Mountains is within the Navajo Nation and Fort Apache Reservations. Our mild four seasons offer residents a lifestyle for families, retirees and anyone seeking a piece of heaven on earth.

With one of Americas largest stand of Ponderosa Pines, homes and life are literally embedded amid an environmental wonder. For those looking for a little more space, the White Mountains offer areas of large high plateaus and ranges with scenic views.

The members of the White Mountain Realtors Association are proud to introduce all who seek a better life for their family or selves to the mild four seasons, economically balanced lifestyle enjoyed by the current residences of the White Mountains of Arizona.